When You Want Mr. Right Right Now

  • imageDear Impatient Christian Girl,

I shared an amazing article a few months ago. I saw it again and read it, this time with new eyes.


In the Open Letter from Mr. Right, we as daughters of Christ are encouraged to be patient. To wait on the Lord and to trust His timing.

Well… I am not good at that.  I love God with all my heart and I know that all things will come together the way His master plan is supposed to. I trust our God, and I trust that He is a good God. But sometimes I’m just like “Okay, I’m ready. What’s the hold up?”

Then I read that letter again. And it hit me. I am not ready. God is still working on me and preparing me. So often we rely on what we know and what we feel to be the determiners in our lives. God knows what areas I need improvement in and where I’m strong. He knows that I’m still a little too insecure to trust a man He’s placed in my life. And I feel Him working on me. He had other plans for my life as well and Mr. Right just can not fit into those right now.

If you look around and see how God is moving in your life I am sure you will find some way He is preparing you. And something that is growing you into the woman you need to be. When that really cute, tall boy that walked in the sanctuary 6 months ago still hasn’t asked you out, don’t worry about it. If it’s him, God will bring him to your pew when the time is perfect. If it’s not him, girl you just keep praising the same way you always have.

Don’t rush Mr. Right. He’s coming your way as fast as he can.

Love, An impatient girl



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